The View from Here

(for Christian Weber)

Poem by John Yau

I am a superior spirit
Lacking all common sense

I chime against the sky
I slip into the distance

I devour everything I touch
I throw away my troubles

I show no mercy
I surprise my own existence

My tentacles reach out 
Cinders enchanting and hypnotic 

I stretch in all directions 
I blossom in air

Satiated lover 
Animal yawning at the end of an orgasm

I am not the apple of your eye
I prefer to dance alone

Do you like the way I surrender
Do you like the way my mouth eats itself 

Do you like how I disappear 
Into the future’s black mirror 

I am a ghost consumed by its ghost 
I am an orphan 

I hug everyone, but no one hugs me 
The chapters recording my existence 

I have written in smoke 

Film:  Park Pictures   USA   UK   /   Soup Films   GER   /   I-C   FR
PhotographyWe Folk